Aunt Betty [Teta Beta]

This time, no card :)

In Uncategorized on February 7, 2011 at 3:14 pm

In this post I have no cards for you. But, don’t worry. I have something special. Recently a friend of mine asked me to make some cute stuff for her. She wanted to decorate her apartment. So, she made a wish for some simple tags for her kitchen. A nice little detail. 🙂

She also wanted to put a sign on their front door. When she said that, I immediately had an idea of totally cute door sign with lots of different flowers. But, she already had something she saw somewhere and she wanted something similar. That means that I have to make the other door sign for someone else. 😉 For her, I printed some text and used one of my stamps to make a border. It has two layers and since it was simple and flat I could actually laminate it. I believe it is lovely.

And, as the last item for today, I have a picture frame. She picked the colors and decided that she wanted to have a natural look. 🙂

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