Aunt Betty [Teta Beta]

Inspired by the bag

In Uncategorized on December 22, 2010 at 5:41 pm

Hello everyone! Today I was at the Christmas fair again. It will last a little bit longer than they first said. It will be even between Christmas and the New Year. So, if you are near the city of Samobor (Croatia), come and visit.

Yesterday I made two cards for the ladies I met at the fair. They are selling bags and jewelry. If you would like to have a unique cute bag or a wallet visit this Facebook page. If you like some unique jewelry, write me an email. The first card is actually inspired by this bag. 😉

Enjoy the day!

  1. Jako ljepo! Hvala, da si svratila na moju stranicu!

  2. Draga teta Beta,

    Zahvaljujemo se na predivnoj čestitki i mi vama želimo sve najbolje za Božić i Novu godinu!

    Snježana & Robi

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