Aunt Betty [Teta Beta]

Photo albums

In Uncategorized on December 21, 2010 at 8:56 pm

Today I want to share with you one other thing that I like to make. That would be: photo albums. I make them a little bit different than it is usually done but that is because I make them without photos. Basically I just make the pages with some embellishments. I do not use much of them because our people like less stuff, that is they like it more simple.

I use a couple of colors, make some space for actual photos and put some ribbon or other embellishments on it. Than I put some more embellishments and some other useful stuff for finishing the album in a bag that goes together with the album. So, the person who gets the album has the freedom to finish it the way he or she wants. There is enough space for pictures, more embellishments or printed/written text.

The first one I did for my sister – for her wedding and their first child. After that I did two more and they were for kids. You can see more pictures on my Facebook page.

Thank you for stopping by today 😉



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