Aunt Betty [Teta Beta]

I just had to try it

In Uncategorized on December 16, 2010 at 10:12 pm

I wanted to do a scrapbook layout for so long. Every time something happened and I did not make it. Now, here it is. My first scrapbook layout. I am still not sure how it is properly done, but I promise I will learn it. All your comments, sugsestions and usefull links are more than welcome. 😉

This one is made for my husband. The text is a quote from the Bible (Song of Songs). I put it up for a Challenge at the Embellish Magazine.


  1. What a sweet layout. The yellow bow is so striking! Thanks for joining Embellish.

  2. Saw your comment on my blog and wanted to thank you for visiting! I love your layout! I don’t think anyone would know it was your first! I completed my 1st also, but couldn’t get it photographed and posted before the Embellish deadline. I hope to get it posted within the week–hope you’ll come check it out!

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