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Something totally new

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2010 at 5:03 pm

For some time now I was trying to use this little bottle. Finally I decided to make something out of it: put it up for my first competition. I am still not quite sure if I am doing it right, but we will see.

Some time ago I came across this beautiful blog and now I wanted to try this competition thing 😉 The name is Waltzingmouse and for their competition I decided to do something nice with one of their free templates – a tea bag. I did not want to do the big tea bag so I reduced the size to fit my jar. In this tiny bag there is actually some tee. In the jar is tee that my father made.  The label says “Just for you”, in Croatian of course (and it is not a stamp, since there are no stamps in Croatian – yet).

  1. You did the challenge perfectly Eli! I love how you reduced the size of the tea container – what a wonderful little gift jar – and how fun that your father made the tea! Thanks for joining in the Waltzingmouse template challenge!

  2. what a clever idea to reduce the size. just too cute

  3. Thank you both, Julia and Cassie! Happy that I could be a part of this lovely challenge and that I did everything right.

  4. You definitely did something nice with the template! What a great idea! I was looking for a way to package bulk/organic tea and I am glad I came across your idea. Very cool!

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